Request Donation/Support

Request for Support Guidelines
Requests must be received at least 20 days before event
1.    A donation from East River Federal Credit Union exists to provide support, assistance and goodwill to our membership and the communities we serve.

2.    Request approvals are governed by the impact the support will have on East River Federal Credit Union members and/or the community in which they live, as well as the monetary limitations set within the budget.

3.    Donations, whether they be in the form of cash, merchandise, or staff volunteers, should fall into one or all of these three categories:
    •    Civic/Charitable/Educational Organizations (ie. non-profit / 501(c)3 status)
    •    Community Activities or Involvement
    •    Sponsorships or Funding Opportunities

4.    Requests for local projects/events that provide the most benefit to the greatest portion of East River Federal Credit Union membership and/or the communities, in which they live, will be given highest priority.

5.    Requests from East River Federal Credit Union members will take precedence over non-members.

6.    Requests from outside Lake or Miner Counties are not eligible due to East River Federal Credit Union’s community charter.

7.    Requests that include the use of East River Federal Credit Union's information/logos, are to be approved by the credit union’s marketing specialist prior to publication.

8.    Individual sponsorships or fundraisers that only affect an individual person’s cause, project or benefit are not eligible.

9. East River Federal Credit Union asks that only one request per agency or group be submitted per calendar year.