Share Certificates (CDs)

"Select the interest rate and term that best fits your needs!"

Start saving today for a secure tomorrow! With an East River Federal Credit Union Share Certificate, you can “park” your money for a fixed length of time in order to accrue additional earnings. Certificates usually provide a higher yield of interest than traditional savings or money market accounts making an East River FCU Share Certificate the perfect place to stash that extra cash for future use.

With as little as $250.00 members can invest in a Credit Union Share Certificate and maximize their earnings. By having several different terms to choose from, you are sure to find one to best fit your investment portfolio!

  • Interest is paid monthly on the average daily balance
  • Minimum deposit is required:
    • 6 - 60 month - $250
  • Minimum penalties for early withdrawal.
  • Share certificates automatically rollover at maturity.

Deposits for as little as $50 are available for members with PeeWee Penguin and Teen accounts. See the rate sheet for details.

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