Update Contact Information

Do we have your current address? email? phone number? cell phone number?

Considering the risk of identity theft, we strongly encourage all members to maintain accurate contact information with the credit union. By law, we are required to communicate certain notices to each member periodically by mail. We often receive returned mail indicating inaccurate contact information. Additionally, it would be dangerous to mail sensitive information, such as your statements, to an inaccurate address.

Other reasons to keep your contact information current:

  • Suspicious debit card transactions – if we have your correct information we can save you the inconvenience of having your debit card blocked.
  • Ensure sensitive information reaches you, and only you.
  • Alerts of scams or phishing attempts.

For security reasons, we ask you to periodically check and update your account information through Online Banking. Simply log in to Online Banking and select the “Self Service” tab and click on ”Personal Information” located under Personal Options. Next make your changes and click “OK”.

Thank you for keeping your contact information current!