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SCAM WARNING: Pop ups that claim your computer has a virus

We’ve had several members report that they have received a pop-up on their computer with a warning that a virus has been detected. The pop-up informs the user to call immediately and a phone number is provided. THIS IS A SCAM. Never click on the pop-up and never call the number. Once you call, the person on the other end will often ask for personal information such as your credit card number, checking account information and sometimes even ask for a picture using your webcam.

If you ever receive one of these pop-ups, treat it as you would any other pop-up and terminate it. Don't click on it as it could also be a malicious image. Contact your preferred computer support company for assistance or support regarding what steps to take.

Remember, you should never give your personal information out to anyone unless you know for certain you are dealing with a legitimate company. And always think before you click when using your computer.

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