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New Logo, New Look at East River FCU

East River Federal Credit Union Building Success Stories

Our new logo has a fresh, friendly and modern look that represents East River Federal Credit Union’s history, culture and passion for service.
        - This logo has water ripples and a smile as the icon, with the smile mark on the icon creating a
           bridge between two ripple marks to visually show the connection between the two marks.

Why the change in the logo?
In 1996 the credit union changed its logo to represent the electrical members we served.  In 2004 the logo was changed to represent the expansion into Lake and Miner counties.  As we’ve grown, we realized the need for a logo that bridges and connects our 3,250 diversified members.

Will the credit union’s name change?
Whether you’re new to East River FCU or have been a member for life, East River FCU is a trusted and well-known name in the communities we serve.  We didn’t want to lose recognition as your local, not-for-profit, financial cooperative.

When will the logo update take effect?
The process to replace our old logo has already begun, with the updating of our website, online services and informational pieces.  We plan to phase out the old logo by the end of the year.  Be sure to watch for our new logo on advertisements, our digital sign and community event banners.

Will I need to reorder checks because of the logo change?
No.  Our routing number and your account information will remain the same, so you can continue using any checks that have our old logo and they will clear your account as normal.  All new check orders will have the new logo.

Will my credit, debit, and/or ATM card(s) still work?
Yes.  Your existing East River FCU credit, debit and ATM card(s) will continue to work, please use any card that has our old logo until a new one is re-issued.  All cards will be upgraded over time, either when a new card is ordered or an existing card is re-issued at expiration.

Will there be any changes at the main office?
We plan to gradually change the exterior and interior signage at our main office and at the ATM location throughout the year.  We appreciate your patience as we make changes.

Who should I contact with additional questions?
Please call our main office for more assistance: 605-256-8145

Mission Statement:  We are committed to the success and financial well-being of our members and our community.

Our Promises to You:
     - We promise to work in your best interest to provide personalized financial solutions so you may
        achieve financial success.
     - We promise to deliver a unique member service experience, while building trusted relationships.
     - We promise to always offer fair and competitive products and services.
     - We promise to simplify your financial life so you may focus on your day-to day activities.
     - We promise to support the community, making it a better place to live.

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