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Should You Take the Rebate?

There you are, getting that vehicle you always wanted, and now you’re discussing financing with the dealership. You had planned to go through your credit union for your financing, but the dealer is offering a rebate if you go through them for financing. What should you do?

We asked loan officer at ERFCU, Dennis Zingmark, what he would recommend doing in this situation. He stated it’s always good to get the rebate, so he suggests going through their financing initially.

“The dealer may say you must wait three to six months before refinancing, but that usually isn’t the case. After you make your first payment, give us a call to see if you can refinance with us at a better rate. This way you get your rebate and save money with a lower interest rate with us. It’s a win-win!”

Dennis has worked with thousands of members on auto loans and recreational vehicle loans and says the process of refinancing is easy to do and definitely worth it based on the money you can save on interest.

If you have questions on how to refinance or what rates you quality for, you can give Dennis or any of our Loan Officers a call at 605-256-8145.

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