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Steps You can Take Financially Right Now

Many Americans are being financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It continues to disrupt our daily lives, in one way or another. Here are few things that can help you financially navigate through these difficult times.

  • We are still here to help: Even though lobbies are temporarily closed, we are still here for you! Our drive-up is open for our regular hours, our ATM is accessible, and you can apply for loans online or over the phone. You can still talk with our team directly on the phone, via email or through virtual appointments. We have even closed mortgages through our drive-up!
  • Utilize online and mobile services: You can easily deposit a check using your mobile device or pay your bills with digital payments. Using a credit and debit card for payments is especially important right now when we are all being asked to practice social distancing.
  • Protect your data: Be vigilant about protecting your digital identity and personal data. Fraudsters posing as government or financial institutions often reach out and ask for personal information such as your name, password or other account info. We will never reach out to you to ask you for this info.
  • Remember, your money is safest in a credit union: There are a lot of things to worry about, but the safety of your money in your credit union account isn’t one of them. Your money is safer in your insured financial institution than it is in your pockets or under your mattress. There is no risk to keeping your money in your credit union, but there are many risks to holding onto cash. Plus using cash often requires face-to-face contact, which goes against social distancing recommendations.

Our staff is here to work with you during this difficult time to help make the financial part of your life a little easier. We could all use a little normalcy at this time, and we are here for you like always!

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