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Scammers Scan the Headlines

We all know that scammers follow the news, and their schemes take advantage of the things catching our attention right now. Whether it is a call, text, email or website, we need to be aware of the tactics these con artists are using.

COVID-19 clinical trials

Thousands of clinical trials are underway as companies try to find effective vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. There are research studies that are legitimate, but some are not. Fake trials are trying to steal your money. Never pay to be part of a clinical trial, or to find out about one. Real clinical trials will never ask you to pay them.

Robocall saying you overpaid utility bills

The callers say you’ll get a cash refund and a discount on future bills. This likely is just another utility scam. Utility companies typically don’t give cash refunds, they credit your account.

These are just a couple types of the millions of scams that are being reported to the Federal Trade Commission each year. Always remain cautious of offers that seem “too good to be true”, ask for money up-front, or ask for a payment with a wire transfer or gift cards. Keep up with the latest trends in scamming and be sure to tell family and friends about them too!

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