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Debit Card Lifehacks!

Usually when we see the words “hacks” and “debit cards” in the same sentence, it isn’t a good thing! But here we are talking about lifehacks to help you get the most out of your debit card from ERFCU.

  1. Activate and sign your card immediately when you receive it in the mail. You do need to activate your debit card to use it, so don’t forget that step!
  2. Memorize your PIN don’t’ write it down and keep in your purse or wallet. You will need your PIN if you run your card as a debit transaction at a store or if you use an ATM. Remember entering your PIN incorrectly multiple times can cause your card to get blocked for what appears to be fraudulent activity.
  3. You can run your debit card as a credit transaction which will save you from having to type your PIN number in front of everyone in the checkout line. You will just need to sign, but you cannot get cash back from the retailer if you run it as credit.
  4. Debit cards WILL be deactivated before their expiration date if there are no transactions in a certain amount of time. This is to prevent fraud on cards you might never use and have lost or are just laying around. A regular checking account debit card will deactivate after 6 months of no transactions and an HSA debit card will deactivate after 1 year of no transactions.
  5. Use our mobile app to stay up to date on your card’s transactions. You can receive alerts each time your card is used, lock and unlock your card at any time, control how much you can spend each day, and block transactions by type (online transactions, in-store, mail/phone, or ATM), by merchant (department store, entertainment, gas station, etc.) or by location (your region, or in-store transactions that don’t match your phone’s location). You can also get detailed merchant information and track spending.This is a great tool to prevent fraud on your card or for parents to monitor or limit a teen’s spending.
  6. There are daily limits on your card for both spending at a store/merchant (point of sale) and at the ATM. Keep that in mind if you are making purchases that add up to over $3000 or ATM withdrawals adding up to over $500. The limits are also per card, if you have more than one cardholder on your account.
  7. A smart way to prevent overdraft fees is to get Ready Credit. It’s a line of credit that automatically kicks in if you overdraw your checking account when using your debit card. The nice thing is that you pay no annual fees or transfer fees for Ready Credit funds when they are used.
  8. And finally treat your debit card like you would cash. Keep it in a safe place. Be wary of skimmers on independent ATMs such as those in retail stores or restaurants and when you pay for gas at the pump. Always let us know right away if you have lost your card or if it has been stolen.

Don’t have a debit card from us? Contact us to get your checking account setup or get your debit card ordered! It’s just another free service we offer to help you make the most of your finances!

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