Controlling your cards has never been more important.

Manage your family finances, while protecting your card and yourself from fraud using the CardValet® app.

  • Get alerts on transactions
  • Lock your cards, in an instant, for any reason
  • Block international usage
  • Control transactions by categories (gas, restaurant, online or mobile purchases, etc.) or by location
  • Set spending limits per transaction
  • Great for parents to decide where, when and how children can use their card

Take better control of your debit cards and your money:

  1. Download the CardValet app by clicking on your app store or scanning the QR code below.
  2. Link all of the ERFCU debit cards that you want to set controls and alerts for.
  3. Set up one control and one alert for each card, to ensure that they are working in the way that you prefer.
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When it comes to protecting your money and yourself against fraud, you can never be too careful.


I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
Click on the "Forgot password?" link under the login button. You will need your username in order to reset your password. If you do not remember your user name, please contact us. Please note: there is an "Remember my username" option on the login page.

If I have recurring payments on my debit card, and I turn off the card in CardValet, will the recurring payments be declined?
No. Recurring transactions are not affected by controls in CardValet. Only card present transactions are.

When I went to turn off my card I received a message that said "there is a pending transaction, are you sure you want to turn your card off".  If I would have turned the card off, would the pending transaction not have posted?
The pending transaction would have been declined.

I tried using my debit card at a movie rental box at a local store and it was declined. I have location preferences set to my location. Why would the card be declined?
Since the movie rental box is not actually owned by the local vendor, and the owner is not located in that particular area, the card was declined. You would need to change your preferences to accommodate the address of that vendor.

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