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I found a fraudulent charge on my debit card! Now what?

I found a fraudulent charge on my debit card! Now what?

“I’m sorry, but your debit card was declined.” Awkward. Most of us have been there. In some cases, it may be that you miscalculated and didn’t have the available funds for your purchase. But more and more often, the decline is due to debit card fraud. Whenever your card is declined, you should contact your financial institution immediately.

When you contact East River FCU about your debit card decline, here’s what you can expect:

We will…
…Verify that we are speaking to you, the card holder by asking for personal identifying information.
…Go through your recent purchases to confirm they were all made by you.
…Close your current card and order a new one right away if any fraudulent charges are found.
…Ask you to contact the merchant to inquire if the fraudulent charge will be refunded.
…Credit the amount back to your account upon receipt of a signed dispute form, should the merchant not refund you.

For more information about free fraud prevention tools we offer at East River FCU, click here.

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