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Mid-Year Financial Checkup

July is the perfect time to check your finances and see where you stand! Just as a physical checkup helps you stay healthy; a financial checkup is a great way to assess your financial fitness.
Here are ways that you can review and find ways to improve your finances:

  • Review your loans: Look at what loans you currently have including what your current monthly payment is, remaining balance, time left to pay on the loan and your current interest rate. It’s possible that you can refinance at a lower interest rate and save money, even if you have to pay a pre-payment penalty. You can call us and see if refinancing your loan with us can help you save.
  • Free, personalized financial coaching: Our financial wellness partner, GreenPath, helps you take a look at income, expenses, debt and other areas of financial concern. They will also give you next steps you can take to improve your financial health and meet your goals. It’s completely free and confidential. Call 877-337-3399 today or schedule your call here.
  • Take advantage of other free tools: We offer many free tools to help you get a better handle on your finances all year, but during your mid-year checkup is a good time to start utilizing them! We have overdraft protection, budgeting tools that automatically pull in from all your accounts, bill pay so you don’t miss a payment and CardValet to help you budget by controlling how, when and where your debit card can be used.

Get started on your financial checkup today by giving us a call, email or stopping by. We can help you be more confident in your finances and get on a path to reaching your goals!

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